It is with my deepest gratitude and appreciation that I send love and thanks to:

Tay N Val for this brilliant idea and reminder to be grateful for all things.

Lena West for being my trusted coach and mentor and bringing together an amazing group of people.

Staci Jordan Shelton whose Unravel process was an instrumental part of writing my first book. Her words and magic are quoted in and woven through the entire book.

Betsy Parayil-Pezard, an incredible leader of a mindful revolution, for Soul-level breakthroughs, connection and inspiration from a place words simply can't travel.

Bunny McKensie Mack for their equity audit and editing of this website. Their collaborative process was transformational for me personally and showed me many of the ways I could dig deeper, expand more and do better to create and fiercely hold an inclusive space. 

Mike Iamele for introducing me to so many thing, including my Brand Energies: Love. Trust. Allow. Clarity. Connection. Expansion.

Sherri Hayter for her magical words, breathtaking art and limitless love.

Dr. Nancy Jonker, my teacher and mentor for so many things.

Liv Lyszyk for taking the photos for this website. 

Abigail Rose Clarke for her catalyzing work that began (and continues forever) with this one phrase:  "White women, we have work to do."

The original Ka-POWers, an incredible group of women who signed up to become founding members for the very first round of Power Mornings in the summer of 2014. They helped me create the content for Power Mornings and cheered me on as that inspiration became a business. Special thank you to Catriona Sturton for bringing the first round of Power Mornings alive with her drawings, music and big heart. 

I run my entire business with New Kajabi. I give it (and all the guys there) my highest personal and professional recommendation. Game changer. Check it out!

And to so many others carried deeply in my heart. 


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