Legal Information

Legal Information

The intention of this work, this website and every interaction you have with us be full of integrity, compassion and trust.
Transparency is a big part of that. Below are the links for each of the legal areas of our business.
We always welcome and encourage a direct and open dialogue. If you have a question, a concern or feel that something has not been appropriately disclosed, please contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.
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Your trust and privacy is important to us. This is where we explain the how we handle the information you voluntarily share with us while you're using our site.

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We love connecting with you on our website! Here are the details about how you may interact with our business. 


We enjoy connecting with you and providing information that we hope is helpful to you. We believe that transparent and firm boundaries are healthy for everyone. This lets you know the boundaries of what we can provide.

Cookie Policy

We love to eat cookies. In fact, Deana LOVES them. A lot. Unfortunately our cookie policy isn't about those kind of cookies. This is where we detail what cookies are used on our site, how that helps us serve you and how you can choose interact with them (or not). 

Affiliate Disclaimer

This is where we share our favorite things that we use and love.

Earnings Disclaimer

We provide education and information related to creating a morning routine that helps you clear, heal and protect your Life Force Energy. We want to be very clear that while our intention is to provide the highest quality in all that we do, we cannot be responsible for the results you achieve in your personal life and/or business.


You are important to us. You can send your questions, concerns and kudos to us here. 


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